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22.12.10 ' 8:23 AM

My third term Sched guys :-) I'll still do my best! :-)
My second term went bad. My mom got mad and I wasn't able to be in the DL! Yeah sad but this made me realize that I shouldn't lose hope! To God be the glory! I passed all of my subjects in the 2nd term by the way ;-)
And I shall end here.

31.7.10 ' 2:32 AM

hi guys! :) I just saw my 2nd term sched on the net. :) I will post a better view of this :)
Do your best and God will do the rest. To God be the glory! :)

And I shall end here.

22.7.10 ' 11:04 PM

You Can Make It Some How

© By Nattacha C. Delhomme
You Can Make It Some How
From a distance far away,you had tried to be the best,
that you work so hard all day, having little time to rest.
As you gave it all you've got,
but had failed to reach the top,
your frustrations in your mind,
turn your world so upside down.
So you drifted far away,
till it reached the end of May
having little thoughts of hope and a little change in slope.
One by one you crumbled down,
as you start to change and frown,
you then locked yourself inside and avert from time to time.

For I know that's how you feel,
but it's not a real big deal;
you just have to let it go,
start again but very slow.
As a bird in the sky,
you've got to let your dreams fly high,
believe that in your soul,
your special and can be bold.
For you are special in God's eyes and can make it through your days,
one day mount to something, just before it turns to May.

A dream will never fail,
will always seem to sail,
the path your willing to take,
a way you'll carve and make.
No matter how hard it is, you must believe in all you do
work hard at it and soon you'll make it through.
I know you can make it, you can make it some how
you can fly away like an eagle, way beyond the sky.

And I shall end here.

' 10:56 PM
INTRPRG, I will fight

Hi guys. Im so depressed. I don't know what would be the results of my INTRPRG written exam. I'm so scared. I got mental block. Maybe, it's because I'm so nervous. :( IM SO SAAAAAAAD. What am I gonna do. I need to study but this feeling is killing me. Yes I studied, but yeah, I REALLY DONT KNOW :(
And I shall end here.

5.7.10 ' 6:36 AM

The title says it all. I'm stressed cos we need to interview an upperclassmen for our INTRICT course. There too much PPT presentations, PE tomorrow, FILKOMU shooting, ISMATH1 seatwork(though i don't really review for it), ACTION PROJECT SCIENVB, PERSEF GROUPWORK. dammit. I hate it when they give too much homeworks. I'm so loaded. WE ARE SO LOADED. Anyway, me and Dianne is working on our banners for Acee. She's mad at us(i think) because of some reason. Laziness yes! :( And, tomorrow is her birthday. I hope she won't be BV anymore. Though we have a plan. :> We'll stay here at the sala to fool Acee that we're feeling awkward in the bedroom. And if the clock strikes 12, we'll greet her HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope she'll appreciate our little effort :D

IM BUSY :( Working out to make myself feel better :( THANK YOU!
And I shall end here.


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