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17.6.10 ' 5:30 AM

I was not able to blog anymore for the past few weeks cos I'm so busy with school works!!! (yeah emphasize on that) I joined 4+ orgs, i think. Let me count the LSCS, ISO, Outdoor Club... and I still have examinations for Green & White. Uhh. On the other side, I also can't decide on what pol party am I going to join. I'm having fun in TAPAT, I already attended their training. Can somebody tell me when's the training in SANTUGON? So I can choose early HAHAHA. Sooo...about my academic stuff? My schedule was a bit light and an advantage for me. Mondays and Wednesdays, my dismissal is at around 11:30. And Tues and Thurs., at about 5:30. I was able to balance my homeworks and all. I'm enjoying my stay here in La Salle, I hope I won't shift. OH LORD! :)

For today, we got a quiz in ISMATH1 and I'm sure that I already have mistakes. But then, there is always a second chance. :)) I'm loving PERSEF classes. It taught me many things about life. HAHAHA. Uhhh, what else. I had FILKOMU quiz yesterday, it sucks. I read a 15 page and my prof didn't announce that we will have a quiz on the next meeting! :| Next is, the FWSPORT!!!!!!!! I got straight 1.5's three times! :| Ping Pong was my P.E. SH*T. So there. I still need to eat dinner. BYE guys! :)
And I shall end here.


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