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16.1.10 ' 7:47 PM

I can't hardly believe that I failed. :( That's the biggest failure ever :( ONE BIG FAIL! HAHA!
Saturday, 11:00 in the morning, Alenn was chatting with me then he send the link of the passers.
It was a photo blog. He said that he can't fin his name on the list. I stay calmed. :| Then, the following minutes, he buzz-ed me and said that I didn't pass. I still stay calmed. I browsed the pictures and didn't found ORAY on the list. It was so frustrating. :'<

I imagined the days when me, Alenn, Melissa and Cyrill thought to go around the blue eagle gym and stuff. The days when we are shouting ONE BIG FIGHT. Unfortunately, "WE" didn't pass.

However, I realized that we should be glad despite these things. God has better plans for us and we shouldn't ignore it. There are plenty of blessings that God gave us. As the saying goes, "A thing worth having comes with trials worth withstanding". Smile, Have faith. :)

And for the last shot, i remembered yaya told me, "Hindi sa ADMU umiikot ang mundo mo. Move on!" :))

FUNNY! :) BE OPTIMISTIC! Congratulations to those who passed the ACET! >:D<

And I shall end here.


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