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30.1.10 ' 7:31 PM
those were the hardest words from her that I've ever heard.

Even though I didn't pass what university they like for me, they should haven't said that. I was hurting inside from the time I knew that I failed some exams. I did my part. The BEST part of me when I was taking those exams. They didn't appreciate it. "Yung mga kinaaayawan mo, dun ka babagsak.Nakakahiya ka."
It was very rude and I can't help myself to blog about it. Kanino ko naman sasabihin diba. I disappointed almost all of the people here in our house, except for my sister. She doesn't even know this. She's still in here preparatory grade. From the time I've seen the results, I became so nervous when my family talks about college. Time to time, I am always checking the site. Wondering if they've ever changed or added my name. I was so hopeless. But, what's the big deal in failing UP? They must comfort me all the while. I am the one who failed.

Masakit lang isipin na binabaon mo na sa limot ang biggest failure mo pero binabalik pa rin ito ng pamilya mo.
And I shall end here.


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