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12.3.10 ' 9:12 PM
Saying GOODBYE is a hard thing to do

Click the photo to enlarge :)

Thank you for the moments that we've shared
For the times we go out of the school
The days of happiness with others
The outreaches we've made

I am very lucky to be in this group
A flock of people who are always there for you
In times of need, they'll reach out for you
Thank you.

APF, I will surely miss you. I will miss the children that we used to visit each Friday. Their smiles and tears which made us realize that we must be sensitive and appreciate other people. "Listening is our way of caring".

Even though we are already graduates of this club last year. Leaving the boundaries of CSA and not seeing you each day is different, more depressing.

Good luck guys for the next year activities. May you continue our goals and always inspire other people! Be an example :)

And I shall end here.


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